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About Us



How we began:

Way way back in 1996 husband and wife team, Mike and Jacqueline Giasi began an online business.  Jacquie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Mike wanted to start a business that they could work at together, so that he could spend more time with Jacquie as she needed more assistance.  At a gift show, Jacquie found Rhythm Clocks and after seeing them and listening to the music they played she found that she loved them and how they made her feel.Mike decided that they would sell the clocks and surround themselves with them every day.  Well it is now over 18 years later and they have never regretted their decision. They loved the clocks way back when and continue to love them to this day. Being able to share these clocks is a great way to meet new people and share their passion with others.

In September of 2013, Dora joined the team and we have been able to update to the latest software to ensure the easiset and most enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. We have also been working to bring the brand name “Upscale Home Decor” to fruition. This would be a website that offered a great deal of home decor products that we have researched and feel would be a great addition to the clocks we already sell. Our hope is that Upscale Home Decor will become a one stop shopping experience for shoppers looking for quality products for their homes.


It’s not just us:

Lest you think we are the only ones that enjoy the life and music Rhythm Clocks bring to a home, let us share some customer stories with you describing how their Rhythms Clocks are much more than just clocks in their families.


“My mother had a Rhythm Clock for years. When she passed away, my sister got her clock. I decided that I wanted to get the same clock she had. Whenever I hear the melodies, I feel my mother with me.”- Nancy


“My husband has terminal cancer and is confined to his bed and his recliner. We have a Rhythm Clock in the bedroom and my husband loves it. He misses seeing the motion and hearing the melodies in the living room, so we are ordering another clock. We will put it above the tv so that he can see it clearly and watch the cracking motion of the face every hour.”- Peggy


“My mother and father had purchased a Rhythm Clock for each of my 4 brothers and sisters and myself. My father had looked through the entire website and chosen each clock for all of us. We were getting together for the first time in a long time for Thanksgiving and they planned to give them to us then. Three weeks before Thanksgiving my father passed away. Even in our grief we made sure we still got together for Thanksgiving as planned. My mother brought the clocks with her and told us how our father had chosen them for us. After a lot of tears, we were all so grateful to have this last sign that our father loved us and was thinking of us.- Sue and Family


Giving Back:

We believe that we are very blessed and it is our duty to give back as much as we can. One way we do that is to donate a portion of every sale to the Multiple Sclerosis Society in hopes of helping them come up with a cure for this crippling disease. We also support charities in our community. We firmly believe that in this land of plenty, no person should go hungry or be without shelter. We are also passionate animal lovers that support rescue organizations and have several dogs and cats of our own.


Our Promises to You:

We promise you that when you decide to purchase a clock from us, we will give you excellent customer service and personal attention. We stand behind the products we sell and will always work with you to resolve any issues you encounter. We help many people each day that bought a clock from a competitor, but could not get them to answer their questions when they called (sometimes, they never even got to speak to a real person). In short , we are a small business that takes time with every customer, and with us, you will never get caught in the endless robotic loop we all hate.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please take some time to peruse the many fine Rhythm Clocks on our site and sign up for our newsletter, so that we can keep you informed of all the most current sales and news.

  God Bless   Mike Giasi
    Gallery: 4194 St Route 14
    Rock Stream, NY 14878