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Q: What kind of batteries should I use?

A: Our recommendation is a carbon-zinc battery. An example and a reliable maker of the battery is Eveready. The model/brand on the battery that you're looking for is "Eveready Super-Heavy Duty." You can find the batteries in the stores Big Lots, Dollar General, and Wal-Mart.

O: How often should I change the batteries?

A: On normal use, being that the monitor is rarely pressed, the batteries will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. If you hit the monitor button frequently, then more than likely you will have to change them more frequently.

Q: How should I clean my clock?

A: If you have a plastic framed clock, you would use a soft cloth, damp rag with a mild solution, such as Dawn liquid. Make sure the cloth is soft to prevent any scratches on your frame. If you have a wooden frame, use a dry soft cloth to clean the frame only. You may use Windex on the glass and on the back of the clock only.

Q: The pendulum does not work or stopped working all of a sudden…

A: The pendulum needs to be balanced to swing or rotate properly. First of all, please check if the clock is hung straight-down. Due to transit or any unexpected situation, there is a slight chance of the clock working improperly or stopping all of a sudden. If you ever experience this, please try to shake the clock gently to help the pendulum work. If the problem persists, please give us a call or email to discuss the problem further.

Q: The music doesn’t work properly

A: Most of Rhythm’s musical wall clocks are equipped with an ON/OFF switch on the side or the back of the case. If this switch is set to the OFF position, the clock doesn’t play any melody even at the top of the hour. Please make sure that this switch is in the ON position.

Also, all of Rhythm’s musical wall clocks and some of the table clocks are equipped with the night shut-off sensor. This function enables the clock to automatically stop playing melodies when it gets dark. Please make sure to test the clock in a well lit area.

Should you continue to have problems, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Q: The clock only plays one tune (instead of six tunes)

A: In most cases, this is just a misunderstanding by users. Most models change the melody by pressing the monitor button. However, there are some models such as Golden Ringers (model # 4MH740NR23), that plays the same tune unless the minute hand goes to the next hour.

To make sure if the clock actually plays the appropriate number of tunes, just turn the minute hand to the next hour. Then, the clock plays the next song.

Should you continue to have problems, please contact us to resolve the issue.