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Clock Repair Instructions

In the event of a Rhythm Clock needing repair, you will need to contact Rhythm Repair at 770-640-6311. They are the only ones that work on these clocks. They are also great at troubleshooting problems over the phone. Should your clock need to be repaired, they will explain the process on the phone when you call them.

Please remember, that if you purchased your clock through an authorized dealer, there is a one year limited warranty that accompanies each clock. Please mention the date that you purchased the clock and the retailer that you purchased it from when contacting Rhythm if you experience a problem in the first year of ownership.

Should you receive a clock that does not function properly from the beginning, you will again contact Rhythm at the above mentioned number and they will send you a replacement clock and make arrangements to get the defective clock from you.

We hope that these simple instructions will help save you time and aggravation when dealing with a broken or malfunctioning clock.